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Bitcoin cash Price

Current charts US Dollar / Euro

BITCOIN Cash price in Dollar - USD chart (BCH/USD)

BITCOIN Cash price in Euro - EUR chart (BCH/EUR)

BITCOIN Cash price in Bitcoin - BTC chart (BCH/BTC)

The Bitcoin cash price, The Ethereum Rate (ETH) is displayed in the currency of a specific exchange, (USD) Kraken (EUR) and BitFinex (BTC). You will find the evolution of the Bitcoin cash price over the last half year. Individual "candlesticks" indicate the current price per Bitcoin cash. The stopwatch indicates the minimum and maximum odds. You can view the course development in about 5 minute charts, to annual charts. The Bitcoin cash charts is displayed with a 5 minute delay.

Where to trade with Bitcoin cash

How is the demand for this currency growing, so is also growing the interest among the public in direct trading in this currency, similarly to other currencies. So when you are thinking about trading with Bitcoin cash, one of first companies, which enable it, is the company plus500. With this relatively well-known broker you can trade and speculate in the growth or decrease of this currency any minute. The service is CFD. Plus500UK Limited is authorised and regulated by the British Financial Conduct Authority.