Plus500 review

Plus500 is individual Forex trading platform, a broker is fully regulated by the FCA and CYSEC. In today's article, we are bringing you a Plus500 review test and tips for 2019 year. Join millions who have already traded with Plus500.

Plus500 offer to Trade the world’s most popular markets and trading opportunities. They offer more than +2000 financial instruments, FREE real time quotes and dedicated round-the-clock customer support.

Plus500 is currently a leading CFD broker and provider of Contracts for Difference (CFD) in Forex market. Thus, it offers unbeatable conditions not only in trading Forex, but also in trading commodities, such as oil, gold or silver, indices of world stock exchanges, and, for example, a cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Litecoin and others.

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67% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

Basic information about Plus500

Web site:
Type of broker: MM
Country of origin Israel
Spread Variable
Supported platforms: Plus500's own platform
Customer service: live chat, e-mail
Demo Account Yes, unlimited
Deposits and Withdrawals 0 Fees
Crypto Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum
Regulation: Cysec (License No. 250/14), FCA (FRN 509909)
The minimum deposit: 100 GBP
Options of the deposit Bank transfer, credit cards and debit cards, Skrill, PayPal
Max Leverage max 1:30
English language Complete in English language

Plus500 FEES

Plu500 Forex trading platform

Plus500 has developed and operates an on-line trading platform for retail customers, thanks to it, they can easily trade CFDs at an international level. This platform offers more than 1,700 various basic global financial instruments including stocks, ETFs, foreign-exchange market, indices and commodities.

The group allows investors to trade in more than 50 countries around the world. Trading platform is accessible from multiple Windows operating systems, smart phones (iOS and Android) and tablets (iOS and Android) and it also allows trading using an Internet application.

Each one trader should be interested in this section! In addition, we dare to say that the trader should take from it more than just a lesson, i.e. he/she should use it in practice. We present here a series of several rules and we hope that they will help you as they have helped many other people.

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67% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

The trading is often stress, you are afraid of loss, but the more interesting thing is that the traders are afraid of profit too. BUT do not be afraid of big profits! It is important that the trader has set a risk limit that he/she is willing to take for a given trade. It is usually a stop loss order at the level of 2–10% of account loss.

Keep so-called investment diary, into which you enter why you have decide to open given position and what result has been. After its closure, evaluate it – successful, unsuccessful.

Finally, compare the reason for the success with the reason for the position opening. This gives you an overview of your trading, thus, in the future, you will avoid mistakes, which you have done in the early days.

Tips and tricks

TIP 1: Use fundamental analysis, technical analysis and indicators. Do everything what may help to increase your profits.

TIP 2: Focus on trading with only a few instruments. For example, trade only with the commodities such as oil, gold, natural gas, corn, and currency pair EUR/USD and pay attention to them. Do not take into account other instruments. Time that you may lose when focusing on the whole financial market you should rather pay to a few instruments and the profit will certainly come to you.

TIP 3: As a general rule, the more you have, the harder you lose it – of course, if you do not behave indifferently and if you value your money. That is why it is important for you to trade smaller quantities at the beginning of your career and satisfy even with smaller profits.

TIP 4: Use commands Stop Limit and Stop Loss or Trailing Stop to your** money-management**. In the case of extreme changes in the value of commodity, stocks or currency pair, these commands may save the remaining amount in the account or to achieve the highest, targeted profit.

Tip 5: If you are beginners, download first Demo Account plus500 *Your capital is at risk, then trade in a real account with a minimum investing amount of 100 USD. If you are beginners, it is not worth to invest more as you can make more trade even from 5 USD. If you are successful, you will create your capital through successful trades.

Plus500 Review

Plus500 offers on-line trading with over 2000 various financial instruments. This is an on-line service provider for retail customers allowing to trade CFDs on a range of financial markets. Shares of the parent company are admitted to trading on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange.

The company was founded by 5 five Institute of Technology graduates with an initial investment of $ 400,000, which have been also contributed by Alon Gonen, managing director. In 2010, the Company launched its platform for Mac OS and Linux. In 2011, the Company launched its first application for iPad and iPhone. 40% of transactions were carried out by using either smartphone or tablet.

The company offers Contract for Difference (CFD), services of various financial instruments. Platform websites are available in 31 different languages on more than 30 different domains. Initial Public Offering –

The Company announced that the Initial Public Offering of shares would be made on the first week of July 2013 and their shares have begun to publicly trade on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange. Market capitalisation of the Company is $ 200,000,000.

Plus500 Ltd is a UK FTSE 250 company listed on the London Stock Exchange’s Main Market for Listed Companies Plus500CY Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (Licence No. 250/14)

Plus500 Demo Account

Plus500 demo offers a demo account free of charge to all of its customers; the account is not restricted by any time limit. With the Demo Account, you have real market conditions – everything is the same as in real trading conditions. You will know all functions of the plus500 platform without running the risk of losing your capital.

Trading with the Demo Account

  • The best way to know the trading procedures of the Plus500 platform is to download our free software, open your account and trade with demo money.
Features of free Demo Account:
  1. No time limit
  1. Real market conditions – everything is exactly as in real trading conditions
  2. There is no risk – get to know all functions of the Plus500 platform without running the risk of losing your capital.
  3. Settings, control and simulation of trading strategies
  4. On-line help and support team assistance

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67% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

Experience with the plus500

Plus500 payouts

From my own experience, I know that payouts are carried out within approximately 4 working days and there are no problems with them. The payouts can be carried out to your bank account, as well as through Paypal or Skrill.

Plus500 Trading application

Plus500 has developed its own trading application with an emphasis on understandability and clear arrangement. Since you can trade up to 1,500 instruments at Plus500, these two features are tremendously important. The application is intuitive to use and you can try it on the unlimited Demo Account with virtual money. The application can be set up for tracking courses – you will then receive them on your mobile phone as SMS.

Plus500 Customer Support

The Customer Support reacts to specific questions within 30 minutes. You do not have to worry that anyone from plus500 call you and offer you anything. Plus500 as one of the few on-line brokers does not do this.

Plus500 Trading Application

An example of this sensitive approach to user comfort during transactions can be also the very fact that each version of the system for various platforms PLUS500 has always the same look. Practically, we have already got used to re-familiarise with slightly different positioning of functions as well as information when we want to trade using our mobile phone instead of web browser. PLUS 500, however, offers its interface in the same look for the version downloaded to your computer as well as in the case on the mentioned web browser or the version for mobile phone.

Maybe it is not the most revolutionary feature of the system, but certainly the most enjoyable. Probably each of us may confirm that there is nothing more irritating than to get familiar with new controls in a situation where we need to quickly perform a specific financial transaction. Regarding the available methods of deposits,

PLUS 500's customers are offered a classical option to use payment cards and transfer, or via the MoneyBookers system. As we have checked ourselves, it is always about quick methods how to put funds in own account and everyone can certainly cope with them.

However, the account control itself remains simple and clear. Moreover, PLUS500 are well-known that it tries to cut its system as much as possible. Therefore, the customer does not become overloaded with the number of secondary information and settings that are often an obstacle to the actual trade. Rather, the Company is worthy of praise for the fact that there is nothing easier in its interface than to directly access "to the point" and start trading as soon as possible.

Online CFD Trading Platform Plus500

Online CFD trading is becoming more and more popular. Investors are increasingly looking for an online CFD service to take positions in the financial markets.

It is very important to find a reliable CFD provider with a sophisticated online CFD trading platform that allows investors to make trading decisions based on the performance of multiple stock markets throughout the world at any time of day or night. Here are several features to look for in a CFD trading platform.

The online platform needs to give investors the ability to trade 24 hours per day on the various exchanges and trade markets located throughout the world. Other markets such as Multilateral Trading Facilities (or MTFs) need to also be available for investors to trade with.

Advanced technology needs to be featured in the trading platform that helps find the best prices offered by the top MTFs.

The software on the trading platform should include features such as support and backup, which will allows investors to easily maximize profits. To profit with online CFD trading, investors heavily rely on their trading platform and CFD provider. The provider should be available throughout the day to assist with trading calls, while the software should help investors conduct their trades easily and efficiently.

The trading platforms need to come with a customizable interface which provides investors with access to a wide array of markets dealing in commodities, Forex, indices and shares.

The trading platform should provide charting packages and trading tools that allow investors to make informed decisions for their trades based on solid research and real-time news.

The online CFD platform should enable investors to make limit orders and stop orders at night as well as during the day time. Investors should also have the ability to place orders at night for the next day's trading session after the market has closed for the day. This allows investors who work during the day to still trade at their convenience.

The CFD trading platform needs to be easy to use and offer complete functionality to allow investors to have effective and easy access to their favorite markets. In addition, when markets are volatile, the platform should be able to provide investors with the best prices available. Advanced search features should be available to allow investors to easily search markets.

Investors should also have the ability to customize their platform based on their own preferences and trading needs.

For investors interested in online CFD trading, all of these features are essential and should come included with any reputable online CFD trading platform. In definitely pays to shop around until you find the best CFD provider and trading platform to fit your specific trading needs.

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67% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

CFD Trading Strategies and Tips on plus500

One investment vehicle that traders have used based upon long term price movement in the market is called a CFD or Contract for Difference. The holder is allowed to buy or sell one type of instrument at some point in the future based upon the price today. These contracts can only be traded through a broker. One of the key features is the leverage that Online CFD Trading can provide.

This doesn't mean that the best outcome is always realized although the trading itself is rather simple. For most people, not knowing enough about either the product itself or CFD Trading Strategies keeps them from making a profit. However, as investors gain experience, even this problem is being surmounted as well.

As with all other types of investments, there are risks inherent with CFDs. That is the main reason why it is essential to have a proper trading strategy in place before investing. An investment such as this can be profitable if a proper plan is implemented and followed. There is no sense in making a trade without first deciding upon a strategy to use when in this market.

Only someone with money to burn would employ this type of approach. For everybody else, a sound strategy is necessary in order to make a profit, which is the goal of every investor. A number of proven CFD Trading Strategies exist that can be used by investors once they know their approach to the market.

One of the most popular is called "Going Long." This looks for investment vehicles that will provide a nice return on a long term purchase and then buying them. When the market turns in their favor, traders can use CFDs as one of their tools because they don't have to buy until the time is right.

The opposite strategy type is called "Going Short." In this type of plan, a contract is sold up front and then re-bought when the price drops significantly at a later date. It is perfect whenever there is a foreseeable downturn in a particular business sectors. This does take some knowledge ahead of time where the market can be accurately predicted to take advantage of the worsening trend.

Pairs trading is one more strategy that has proven to be a favorite for many larger investors. In this type of Online CFD Trading plan, traders seek two kinds of instruments that have some kind of relation and invest in them due to the possibility of both fluctuating.

There is no universal strategy for investing in a CFD because every individual is different. Each investor has a different set of goals, a set of amount of investment capital and a varying tolerance for risk taking. Nonetheless, a career in CFD trading can prove to be lucrative if an investor can find the right strategy and implement it properly.