Largest Apparel Manufacturing Companies

In the table below is a list of largest publicly traded Apparel (Garment) Manufacturing Companies by their market capitalization. Clicking on a link in the table provides additional information about the single company, such as the current price, dividends, charts and other data.

Symbol Name Market cap USD
HM-B.ST H & M Hennes & Mauritz $27,153,874,363.00
MONC.MI Moncler $14,963,331,450.00
RL Ralph Lauren $8,636,921,856.00
LPP.WA LPP $7,278,054,248.00
VFC VF Corporation $7,034,893,824.00
LEVI Levi Strauss $6,238,990,848.00
PVH Phillips-Van Heusen $6,015,902,720.00
UA Under Armour $3,652,058,624.00
HBI Hanesbrands $1,382,661,888.00
GIII G-III Apparel Group $1,303,048,448.00
FIGS FIGS $1,268,512,512.00
LPF.F La Perla Fashion $823,905,072.00
OVS.MI OVS $588,693,318.00
VRG.WA VRG $198,825,457.00
LAKE Lakeland Industries $110,029,512.00
BORG.ST Björn Borg $103,662,152.00
CVR50.MI Cover 50 $64,188,122.00
DLA Delta Apparel $62,669,576.00
MON.WA Monnari Trade $35,442,838.00
MLSML.PA Smalto $8,497,153.00
BUI.PA Barbara Bui $5,783,056.00
GJAJ.PA Groupe JAJ $5,504,909.00
ALDEV.PA Devernois $3,581,338.00
ITXT.PA Intexa $3,195,036.00
MLONE.PA Body One $1,504,563.00
FOX.TA Fox-Wizel $0.00

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