Forex Traders tips and tricks

Next time your thinking about opening a trade these ten financial trading tips could help you make the most of the trading opportunities before you.

1. Get Your Feet Wet Gradually.

Most new traders start by opening lots of trades, then find it hard to track them all. By focusing on fewer trades, and picking them more carefully, you'll have more opportunity to learn lessons from your trades which you can use to improve as a trader.

2. Preserve Your Capital.

Profits are there for the making, but the real key to success is not just to make profits, it’s to keep them. Letting profitable trades run, cutting losses quickly and keeping cool under pressure is your best route to profitability in the long run.

3. Stop Forgetting Your Stop Loss!

A key reason people quit trading is heavy losses and the single biggest cause of losses is failure to use a Stop Loss. Using the Stop Loss will prevent your losses from getting out of hand when the market goes against you. Use it wisely and you’ll see your losses decreasing.

4. Build A Trading Plan/System.

Every trader develops their own individual trading system, depending on the amount of time they dedicate to trading. Traders with more time may adopt a day trading strategy, while others might prefer longer term positions. Whichever trading style you adopt, stick to your trading plan. Many new traders switch approaches when they experience losses, however, one or two losing trades don’t necessarily mean that your system isn’t going to be successful.

5. Don't Cut Your Profits Short.

The number one mistake new traders tend to make is closing their winning trades too early. By sticking to your trading plan you can learn to avoid making hasty exits that reduce your returns.

6. Don’t turn Profitable trades Into Losing Ones.

Once the market is going your way, and your positions show a profit, keep a close watch on them. Move your stop loss forward to your entry point to secure your investment. Then keep moving it forwards, in the direction of the trend, to secure your profits and prevent your trade from slipping back into a loss.

7. Plan Ahead.

Never enter a trade because the price is suddenly rising or falling. Always plan your trades in advance. Know your desired entry point, Take Profit and Stop Loss rates before you trade and wait for the right opportunity to arise.

8. Trends Carry Momentum.

New Traders are often unaware that as a new trend starts to build, its momentum tends to increase. Additional traders will tend to jump on board an emerging trend, strengthening it as it continues to develop. Try to trade with the market’s momentum on your side, as it will often push your trades in the right direction, hitting your profit targets sooner than you might expect.

9. Don't Waste Time On A Losing Trade.

If you find yourself in a losing position, remember that it is better to save your energy, cut your losses and move on to the next trade. The financial markets are full of profitable opportunities, just waiting to be exploited, so don’t waste your time on an unprofitable trade!