South Korea stocks

List of South Korean Stocks on the Stock Exchange: Current daily prices of South Korean stocks on major South Korean stock exchanges like the Korea Exchange (KRX). The list of stocks on this exchange is sorted by market capitalization. Clicking on a company's details reveals more information such as current stock prices, charts, dividends, historical prices, and other details about the company. The South Korean stock market is known for its robust electronics and automotive industries, as well as a growing presence in biotechnology and entertainment.

The main South Korean stock exchange (KRX) is the primary market where all these companies are traded. Indices such as the KOSPI and KOSDAQ include the largest South Korean companies in the stock market. The KOSPI is the primary index for the South Korean stock market and tracks the performance of the largest companies on the exchange.

πŸ”Ž Number of Stocks: +50
πŸ“Š Stock Indices: KOSPI, KOSDAQ
πŸ”” South Korean Stock Exchanges: Korea Exchange (KRX)
πŸ•’ Trading Hours: 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM KST
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Where to Buy South Korean Stocks?

Investors can purchase South Korean stocks directly or through ETFs. To buy South Korean stocks, an account with a broker, such as XTB or eToro, must be opened. Once your account is opened, you can start trading with South Korean stocks.

Broker Number of Stocks Minimum Deposit in USD ETF
etoro logoGo to eToro +12 100 Yes
xtb logo Go to XTB +10 5 Yes

The South Korean stock market offers investment opportunities in various sectors, especially in electronics, automotive, biotechnology, and entertainment. The market is known for its innovative companies and technological advancements.

Leading South Korean companies include Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Motor, and SK Hynix, which are also among the largest companies by market capitalization in South Korea.

The KOSPI and KOSDAQ are major stock indices comprising the largest and most liquid South Korean companies. They are primary indicators for evaluating the performance of the South Korean stock market.

South Korean stocks are attractive due to the country's strong industrial base, focus on technology and innovation, and growing global influence in various industries.

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