List of German stocks

An overview of the price development of the most famous German stocks in EURO (EUR), especially companies that are traded on the Frankfurt share Exchange. German share quotes are delayed by 15 minutes and listed alphabetically. You can also look at the performance of the German DAX index, which consists of the 30 main German stocks traded on the Frankfurt share Exchange.

DAX 40 index of German share exchanges - DAX 40 (Deutsche Aktien Xchange 40, originally also Deutscher Aktien-Index 40) measures the performance of the top 30 largest German companies traded on the Frankfurt share Exchange, in terms of required subscription volume and market capitalization.

The DAX 40 share index is based on prices generated in the Xetra electronic trading system. DAX 30 is a so-called total return share index, i.e. it measures not only the appreciation of constituents' share prices, but also the income generated by dividends that are paid to shareholders.

German stocks - list of stocks

Today's current rates of German stocks on the share exchange in Frankfurt. List of stocks on the German share exchange (Main index DAX 30). Sorted by highest price. After splitting, you can go to the details of individual stocks - where you can find (current prices, charts, dividends, historical prices and other information on individual stocks)

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