Economic indicators for the USD / ERU - USD / JPY - GBP / USD

There are many economic indicators. Experienced online currency traders quickly learn which indicators to pay attention to for their chosen currency pairs, and can use this knowledge in order to make the right trades at the right time.

Some of the key FX economic indicators are unemployment rates, interest rates, and oil prices. There are other economic indicators that are currency specific however.

Economic indicators for the Euro and US Dollar:

Economic indicators for the US Dollar and EURO include:

  • USD / EUR
  • The Consumer Price Index (CPI) – this is a measure of inflation in Europe.
  • US Treasury Inflow Capital (TIC) – Data released by the TIC gives an indication of how much foreign buying of country securities is taking place.
  • FOMC Decisions on Interest Rates
  • US Non Farm Payroll – how many new jobs are being created in the USA

Economic indicators for USD/JPY

Japan has its own metrics which USD/JPY forex prices:

  • USD / JPY
  • Japanese Trade Balance – a look at Japanese imports versus exports
  • The Tankan Report – an assessment of the business conditions in Japan – for example the number of optimistic businesses vs pessimistic ones
  • Industrial production index – a metric which describes the activity in the manufacturing sector
  • Bank of Japan’s Monetary Policy Meeting – this meeting decides on measures to preserve the strength of the JPY

Economic indicators for the GBP/USD

The FX market in the UK is affected by several issues. The strength of the British Pound GBP/USD is altered by:

  • UK Housing Prices – these are one of the strongest indicators for the UK because the UK housing market is so closely tied to inflation
  • Bank of England Meetings – where monetary policy and interest rate decisions are made
  • Unemployment rate – this is a strong indicator for any country, not just the UK.


There are other economic indicators which will affect your Forex currency trading, but the above listed ones are some of the key indicators. As you continue in your currency trading career you will learn other indicators which you can use to your advantage.

One of the most useful tools in your FX arsenal is a foreign exchange economic calendar economic calendar. There are many of these calendars available online, and they offer an at-a-glance guide as to when certain announcements, speeches, and reports are due. If you follow these closely, and respond promptly, your daytrading and online Forex success will increase.